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Training/Capacity building services

We are a bold solution to your capacity building needs. We are certified Master Trainers, Lead trainers, Life Coaches and Mentors. We train and certify beneficiaries, trainers and master/ lead trainers using a purely learner centered approaches and methodologies, appropriate for adults and youths.

Our trainings are interactive and practical in nature, based on adult learning principles and participants’ past experiences, asks questions and listen attentively to the answer, communicate effectively, create a positive and friendly learning environment, apply appropriate learning approaches that best fit the group and modify approach to meet emerging needs and abilities.

We have a wide range of experience in training people with disabilities (PWD) through an experienced pool of trainers with skills in social inclusion Engage a wide variety of sensory needs, elicit group Creativity, engage all participants, awaken group energy, encourage creative thinking, able to adapt own style to group needs and good use of ice breakers at the begging, in the course and ending, utilize fully the space and time, ensure dynamic Process, Keep the conversation moving, focused on the task and elicit the wisdom of the group.

We keep the group moving, Recognize tangents - redirect to task, Listen to question and summarize to elicit the sense of the group, help the group reflect on experiences, coaching and mentoring, involve participants to in group goal setting. Our major goal is to erase white collar job syndrome among youths and women thereby creating a generation of job creators who can provide employment to others.