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Education and research

General consultancy in education: EBS is an experienced company whose mandate is to contribute to society development. As society becomes more complex, our education programs and schools have to adapt their methods to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century. At EBS we help make that happen by advising teachers, trainers, ministries, families, school administration, school boards, and government officials on the best educational techniques and technologies used in classrooms across the country and in the entire region. Our focus is in training and advising the educational sector and community on new technologies, classroom policies, student achievement, and much more. We offer general consultation on educational practices, gather and assess information in order to advise education practitioners, evaluate resources, advise on implementation of alternative sources, and present potential outcomes of new or existing programs regarding government work and private sector.

Research in education: EBS research levels the information playing field by providing high-quality research & analytics delivered through a cost-effective subscription model that helps executives make informed decisions, identify and seize opportunities, and heighten their effectiveness. At EBS we tailor answers for your organization using research methodologies that drive actionable insight

Your organization is unique, and so are your research needs. We have expertise across a wide range of methodologies allowing us to match the right research approach to your unique needs and examine complex issues from multiple research angles. When you partner with EBS, you’ll have a dedicated point-of-contact who gets to know your organization and leverages our full suite of research approaches to develop a custom research agenda tailored to you.

Surveys (Baselines, Midlines, and Endlines): We have a strong team with advanced skills tailored to the task with competences that suit your organisation needs
I. Data Analysis: A robust experienced team with advanced statistical analysis technology

II. Qualitative Research: Full, tailored support from needs assessment discussion, design, recruitment and coding.

III. Strategic Advising: Conducting preliminary research, measuring progress of programs, and identifying and designing KPIs.

IV. Market Modeling: A convergence of market modeling, dynamics, value chain analysis and regulatory environment.

Local Labour Market Assessments (LLMAs): EBS conducts a Labor Market Assessment to ensure that the activity’s youth employment interventions are aligned with the Government of Rwanda (GOR)’s sector priorities. The Local Labor Market Assessment is Intended to guide program implementation to better match youth training opportunities to local labor market demand and therefore to tighten linkages between private sector actors and the supply of skilled labor by highlighting priority sectors and industries for project intervention.

Feasibility studies: EBS conducts feasibility studies that propose projects that responds to labour market demands. This is done through research carried out among the target group and key stakeholders, drawing on the baseline study and supplementary primary and secondary data. Feasibility study provides organisations with sufficient information to justify acceptance, modification or rejection of the anticipated project. Furthermore, the study provides organisations with a well-founded basis for the further development of the project concept, in which the prerequisites, opportunities and risks have all been clarified. By going through this process, the effectiveness of the project will be increased, and unsuitable.

Needs Assessments: Needs Assessments (NAs) are studies to determine the magnitude of challenges and the most impactful intervention/support needed. We use various approaches including visits, surveys and observation, analysis of data that lead to informed programming and support.

GROW your business/skills program: The GROW your business/skills program provide youth with practical skills and knowledge to improve their livelihoods activities, either their own businesses or wage employment opportunities. These are youth already operating their own businesses, or are currently wage employed in various workplaces. The curriculum aims to provide them with opportunities to develop and use an innovative mindset to approach business growth. It provides practical skills and a structure from which they can develop and grow their businesses. The curriculum will enable youth to grow their customer base, build networks; grow their finance and access technology.