Curriculum & Training Module Development

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Curriculum & Training Module Development

A nicely developed learning material fosters learning. We are experts in designing and developing training modules.

We develop modules which are purely learner centered. We develop, validate, align, finalise and proof read curricula and training modules especially in line with; Gender Based Violence (GBV), Employability skills, Work Based Learning (WBL), Goal setting and making plans, accounting, book keeping, Entrepreneurship, economics, Health Safety, Security and Environment at the Workplace, Model couples, Community Activism, Agriculture, Food security, Financial literacy, School to Work transition (STWT), Income generating Activities (IGAs), Communication at the workplace, Leadership, Gender Balance, Opinion Leaders, VSLA, Saving and Internal Lending Communities (SILC), Intensive business Development Skills, Personal development, values and skills, Finding and keeping work, Rights and Responsibilities of employees and employers, Exploring Entrepreneurship, Personal development Plans, Accompaniment programs etc.